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Start your own web hosting business through reseller hosting March 26, 2008

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If you want to do some business related to internet then you can prefer
web hosting business and can earn a lot of money. And the best for you
will be reseller hosting
business. In reseller hosting you have to purchase the good amount of
space from the real big and established hosting company and then resell
that space to the site owners with your services.

Resellers are the businessman who acts as middle men by offering
hosting services to the site owners by hiring the space from other real
host’s server apart from having their own server. Most of the
resellers provide so good services to their customers that customer
never gets any idea about the host that whether he is a real host or a
reseller. Reseller can provide quality services to their customers as
they can choose the real host by them selves, mostly an established
hosting company.

You can earn a lot as a reseller only if you are able to realize the
profit and margins involved with this business. You will be learning
those points. For this you can buy 1000MB space from an established
provider on the rent of $24 to $25 per month and then you can provide
this space to the site owners who want to host their site on the space
you are offering. Now here you can give 25MB of space for $5 per month
and if you can sell around 40 packages then you can earn the monthly
income of $200. Some real host will also allow you for overselling of
space and will also not charge extra rent unless if the usage will be
more than 1000MB. And here also you can make money because the site
owner uses half of the space provided so you can double your space
quota and sell that space and can earn more money.

And get it that the income or profit you will make will be outstanding
income. And you can earn this income over months and over years. Just
do it once and can earn money for years, you can never calculate. And
you can do this much as a reseller only, you even do not require your
own server, just buy the space from a reliable hosting company and make
profit. The thing you have to keep in your mind is to sell the space to
maximum site owners and the services will be same as that of the real
host and any difficulty comes then he will manage. Basically you do not
have to be careful for your customers but if you want to offer some
extra services then you have to look after your clients. Your real host
can even provide services to your customer by charging little fee from
you. Along with providing hosting you can also offer web designing and ecommerce solutions to your hosting customers at some additional discount.

This is the idea of smart business. There is lot of profit in reselling
the space to the customers, so start earning from today and start this
business. There are many resellers who are earning more than the real
providers. Always become a host that can suit and help in the need of
their customers.


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