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MBA Degrees for Engineers April 7, 2008

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For a variety of reasons, people with a technical background may start to look for ways to further educate themselves. On the one hand, a good amount of these individuals are trying to broaden their horizons by expanding into new knowledge areas but for the better part of them, the potential increase of personal value on the job market and the career prospects that go along with it are more tempting aspects of continuous learning. Especially MBA  programs rank high amongst the preferences for continuous education as they provide a dense schedule of knowledge about business administration within a reasonable amount of time to the student.

Engineering degrees usually prepare people for very structured environments that are based upon logic and rationality. The business world, however, looks different and is heavily influenced by unordered situations that occur at a much faster pace. In order to cope with these changed realities, it can be regarded as a very sensible move to expand a potentially myopic engineering perspective by pursuing a MBA.

The most efficient way to equip oneself with these competencies is active exposure to these areas. Most business schools have a very pragmatic approach by integrating case studies and various other real-life examples into their curriculum. Business schools provide a framework of tools and strategic theories that enable the graduate to apply these in real life situations.

Today, an applicant can choose from a plethora of different educational program offers that each focus on different core competencies. Be it that his or her interest is primarily in entrepreneurship, leadership or global development – there is a business school out there that satisfies almost every specific educational hunger for knowledge.

Pursuing a MBA degree is not only an excellent way to expose oneself to basic strategic business models and other aspects related to the business world – It also serves as a salary booster for most business school graduates. The combination of a technical background with a postgraduate business degree such as the MBA has profound implications on both salary as well as career prospects. In India, where hundreds of engineers come from people appear for exams such as the CAT 2008 to get into the top business schools.Second Post


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