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Have you ever used Torrent October 28, 2012

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About Torrent download sites: Websites such as torrentportal.com, bittorrent.com, torrent-link.com etc., have a plethora of content available for downloads. In Bit Torrent, one tracker keeps watch on the sharing and downloading of data files. You need to have the Bit Torrent client software installed on your machine prior to downloading content using the Bit Torrent technology.... (continue)

Free Myspace Html Cursor Codes for Xanga August 8, 2008

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Myspace cursor codes: MySpace page can be the most interesting part of your computer profile. People use it as a personal page that includes blogs, forums, e-mails, groups, games, music, events and many other such items. To make it more interesting and snazzy, try giving it an innovative and fun touch by adding animated cursors. You can also make unique combinations for your Myspace page, like pairing an endearing animal Cursor code along with a cute myspace layout.... (continue)

The Fujitsu Siemens Collaboration: The Techno trail that sells July 31, 2008

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Amilo Computer laptops and other gizmos: Fujitsu Limited and Siemens AG decided to come together and taste the fruits of mutual strengths and innovations in global business. This was in October 1999 when the collaboration was formed. The objective of Fugitsu Siemens Computers was to harness the mutual strengths and capabilities to market quality IT products and services in European markets. The new company carried on capitalizing on the experience of the parent companies.... (continue)

Our tricks on using Torrent July 7, 2008

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Bit torrent is a method of collecting the right information about a particular subject from the Internet. BitTorrent Inc., currently manages a peer-to-peer file distribution standard developed by Bram Cohen called Bit Torrent protocol. This allows large amounts of data to be distributed without the distributor alone servicing the recipient and bearing the cost. Every recipient also supplies the data to another new recipient, thus it works like a chain or multi-layer network.
... (continue)

Hurricane Tracking Maps and Charts June 28, 2008

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A Hurricane, also known as typhoon or tropical cyclone, is a weather system with sustained winds of at least 33 m/s. It develops an eye, which is an area of relative calm, with the lowest atmospheric pressure at the center of circulation. The eye in the hurricane is visible in satellite images as a small, circular, cloud free spot. An eye wall, an area of about 16-80 km wide, surrounds the eye where the strongest thunderstorms and winds circulate. The maximum sustained winds in a hurricane have been estimated at about 85-m/s. Hurricane tracking maps and charts are used as tools to track the path of approaching hurricanes, and to alert the public. It helps in announcing the arrival of a hurricane, as a ‘hurricane watch’ or ‘hurricane warning’, depending upon the amount of time left for it to hit a particular area. For instance, if the area will be hit in the next 24 to 36 hrs, the announcement is a hurricane watch, but if it is announced as less than 24 hrs, it is a hurricane warning. Hurricane tracking maps and charts help save many lives if the predictions about an approaching hurricane are announced in time.... (continue)