Regular Free Antivirus Software Reviews That Don't Cost Real Money For Newbies

We decided to start talking more about cybersecurity and make actually free antivirus software reviews that will help you stay safe while browsing the internet. As the world becomes more and more interconnected, the issue of cybersecurity also grows in scope. The IoT changed the world forever and we have to think about protecting our personal information and privacy more than ever before! We will make a lot of TOP 10 lists with free antivirus software reviews and VPN service providers. The major benefit of playing online casino games are their bonuses and promotions. Every casino player enjoys playing their favorite slots games for free, using no deposit free spins bonus. Follow us and always stay updated on all free antivirus software reviews, and find out what casino bonuses are the most popular at the moment. These TOP 10 lists will help you stay safe online and allow you to access all types of content and entertainment without risking your data. For example, TOP 10 VPNs will allow you to choose a VPN service to access online casinos where you can get a free casino bonus and play games for free.

TOP 10 Methods Of Staying Safe Online

While free antivirus software reviews will help you protect your PC from malware and unwanted programs, you need to learn how to prevent infections in the first place. Here are some tips that will help you avoid viruses and malware:
  1. If you like to visit online casinos while hunting for a juicy casino bonus, make sure to access websites using a VPN. This is highly recommended for newcomers opting to play safe and smart in online casinos. Make it a priority.
  2. Be creative with your passwords and make sure to use different pairs of logins and passwords for each website.
  3. Do not accept any offers from untrusted websites when you see a pop-up. Scammers use these notifications to infect machines and just spam the hell out of your PC!
  4. Always check addresses and compare them to what the text of the link says. It is a common mistake that phishers often exploit.
  5. Do not install software that you received from untrusted sources. You will see this tip a lot when reading our free antivirus software reviews.
  6. Install a free antivirus on your PC. There are also products for Android and iOS for your mobile phone which can also be targeted by hackers.
  7. Do not forget to log out from all websites and apps when you are using any device that is not yours. Actually, try to not even log in.
  8. Always think twice before posting anything! You may compromise your personal data or make a comment that may bite you in the bottom in the future!
  9. Shop online only in stores that you trust. Even if you found a legal casino that you can trust, make sure that you use secure payments methods.
  10. Never believe people on the internet. There are many stories about people who meet over the internet and become close friends. Yes, it happens. No, don’t send them money before meeting them in person!

Protection is especially important when you make payments online or play your favorite games in new online casinos for which you can read more here. If you want to minimize the risk of someone stealing your information while you are shopping or surfing the web in general, antivirus and firewall are must-haves. If you want to hide your destination from sites, then VPN is the next step you should take. With that, you should be safe in 99% of the cases. The last percent is using your sense and not installing suspicious software and allowing PC access to programs and connections that are unknown.

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Top Online Threats

Scammers and hackers never sleep. The internet is a scary place! Sadly, not every website is a happy place with slots games and puzzles. You must be very cautious when browsing the net. Here are several real dangers that will await you on the internet:

Phishing is a common practice for social engineers. Scammers use a different identity and try to get your credentials by pretending to be someone you know (colleague, distant relative or long forgotten friend).

DDoS attacks occur when someone interrupts your internet connection by sending an enormous amount of requests to your network in order to shut your communication down. Gamers and online celebrities experience these issues often.

Viruses and malware. There are many reasons why hackers may try to infect your PC: from getting your personal information for malevolent purposes to using your PC for hacking.

Wi-Fi ear dropping.

When you connect to a public Wi-Fi network you may compromise the safety of your data. This is why you should avoid playing in mobile online casinos with real money. Someone may steal your credentials or other sensitive data related to your finances.


Well, we all know what spam is. However, what you must know is that spammers will be more effective if you allow them to obtain your credentials.

Enjoying Online Games and Entertainment

All these dangers and threats should not prevent you from enjoying different games and entertainments available to internet users. There are all sorts of cool slots games in online casinos where you can get a nice casino bonus to play for free. However, you should use always keep in mind that scammers may be trying to steal your information and money! Make sure to scan your hard drives regularly to remove any malware. When playing in an online casino, safety should be your number one priority. And to find safe and legal online sites to play on check out these guys where you can find reviews for the best Canadian casinos and how to get no deposit bonuses to try them for free.

Protecting Your Privacy And Online Data

If you use our TOP 10 methods of staying safe online, you know how to prevent your PC from cyber attacks. However, you need more tools to protect yourself. Here are several absolutely free tools that will help you stay safe: AVZ is simple, portable antivirus software that you can install on a flash drive and carry it with you. Virus databases are updated regularly. ClamWinAntivirus is open-source software that protects Windows systems from various types of malware. AxCrypt is an encryption tool that will make your files invulnerable to hacking. This software is not on our TOP 10 list of free antivirus software reviews.