Spy Software

Spy Software

As it sent data back to its originator, spy software has come a long way since being first recognized in 2000. With malware, viruses, and trojans coming to mind, a few legitimate data collecting programs are on the market.

After reviewing several competing packages in this field, I am sold on my latest find.

PC Spy Software, located at: www.pc-spy-software.com has a convincing lineup of monitoring tools which will allow you to be completely aware of all activity, while maintaining peace of mind.

Spy Agent will satisfy all of your pc activity recording needs. While maintaining detailed activity logs, it will record all keystrokes taken, websites visited, and even email activity, just to name a few. With the first known key logger program being used on a UNIX platform in 1983, this user-mode type of software has come a long way!

With all of the potential pitfalls that social media has to offer, one can’t be too careful when watching over your loved ones. Social Spy spy software is your answer to wondering what the kids have been looking at, whom they have been talking to, and talking about. Whether they are accessing Facebook, AIM, or AOL, your MAC or PC will be recording behind the scenes. Even if you are out of town, complete access is still at your fingertips via the remote login capability.

Are you tired of worrying about what the kids might be doing after you go to bed? Filtering all activity, Sentry PC is on duty 24/7, 365 days a year, so you may sleep soundly.

If you are responsible for a complete network, be it personal or in the workplace, NetVizor pc software has you covered. Deployable from one central location, NetVizor takes all the best of Spy Agent and Social Spy, and then combines it with an end-to-end network monitoring solution. Capable of tracking multiple PCs, you will receive instant behavior alerts.

Realtime Spy offers worldwide log viewing access, via your Realtime Spy online spy account. Allowing you to remotely install the software on any of your computers; data is then secretly uploaded to PC Spy’s webserver, so you may access activity in real-time, from anywhere.

I highly recommend this robust suite of monitoring products from PC Spy Software. Not only are you purchasing peace of mind, but unequaled service after the sale! You must go to www.pc-spy-software.com and see for yourself!